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September Update - ScottDogGaming

September Update

So you may have noticed a rather large set of changes to the channel that i meant to announce long before actually put live. So apologies if the branding changes came as a shock. Equally apologies if the changes to regular series came as a surprise or disappointment.  The changes to branding was something i considered doing a while back and if you are a regular on the channel you will know is something i often amend slightly. However the change of colour scheme from blue to black was probably the most significant since the channel began (apart from when we went from black to blue).



I wanted to make the channel appear cleaner and with the new Youtube interface im hoping it will work well aesthetically. The branding change also meant new banners for all sites which obviously is quite a task updating Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitch etc. It also meant new Thumbnails for youtube. These i’m not sure i am happy with just yet. When fullscreen they look great when a fraction of that size on a youtube page they lose some of their appeal so i think some continued tweaking will be necessary.


Anyway that’s enough on the cosmetic side of it let’s have a quick chat about content. When i first started making youtube videos i took inspiration from the style of videos i watched. People like Quill18, Sips and loads more all have a chilled out laid back style of play and that very much suits how i play games. I guess saw it as doing what i did before making videos but talking out loud and for the most part that’s true. I don’t think my style of creating videos will change. What that means is that because editing times are low i can record lots of videos in a sitting edit them after and render overnight. This is the reason i could have a different series each day, along with other adhoc videos and series running simultaneously on the channel. This also works well with my relatively short attention span when it comes to video games. Open ended games tend to keep my attention, whereas story based games i tend to start hoping it ends soon after a few hours.


So what does this all mean, well you may have noticed for the last week i have only put out one video a day on one game. A game called Observer a crazy first person psychological horror thriller made by polish developers Bloober (most well known for layers of fear).




So this is all significant for two reasons first off it was a different style of game than i have played on the channel, the closest thing to it was the 7 episodes of resident evil i managed before deciding i was way to freaked out to continue. Second it’s one of the very few games i have actually finished on the channel. I think the only other two i have is The Last Of Us & the two Tomb Raider games. This was a choice i made while rebranding, for a period of time i would focus on one game at a time and see how it played out (pun intended). Truth be told after playing the first one and recording the second (to be announced soon) Its Battle Brothers (told ya). I’m not sure if i prefer it or if prefer the hectic schedule of trying to make sure i have content on 8 or 9 different games per week.


So i guess we should get to the point of this rambling mess of an update. I see the rebrand as a reboot. I see the change of content type and frequency as a call to action. If you prefered it the old way i’d love to know, if you like the new way i’d like to know. I can only make educated choices with education. Youtube analytics helps a little way with that but truth be told it’s the feedback from the people who watch the videos, who have been with me for a while and feel invested in me and what i do that i’m interested in. If that’s you please get in touch and give me your thoughts. If you’re new around here, well we all are it’s a new website say hi and let me know what you think.


So What’s Battle Brothers?

Battle brothers is a great game, very similar to warband but with a tactical tile based combat element that. You set up a band of mercenaries that form a company (Kills 4 Cash in our case) and look to make their name and their fortune. It’s far more ScottDogGaming than the observer and i hope you like it.


Right this really is enough from me, let me know any thoughts or changes you want to see made and we can see where this journey ends up.



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